My Hidden Cat Personality

I feel completly alone about this, But i have a cat like peronality or i act like a cat more to say, I meow and and purr when am comfortable and safe, and i hiss believe it or not at dogs, i play with the laser light pawing at it, and i curl in a ball, and play with toys that dangle above me, i have the yellowish green tint to my eyes, plus much more and none of my family knows this. But on the other hand my Fiance knows about it a lil bit and loves that about me. But am so afriad to let out the whole side of me thats been dying to come out. but i dont know how my family will react to it, i been wanting to let it out. Am so lost on letting my cat side come out or not.
MrsKittyKat MrsKittyKat
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Welcome to the Cat family :3
Many people feel like Cats, including me.
Let me just start by saying it's completly NORMAL. SOOO many people LOVE to act like nekos! No way you r alone!

I don't know why I don't know why my hidden cat personality is sleeping. Or i don't have one, i swear i act like a cat i think.. Anyone know how to freaking WAKE UP MY HIDDEN CAT PERSONALITY? >:O shouldn't feel alone! I know exactly how you feel....

thanks. am glad i can find similar people who understands what i fell