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I have, in the past acted like a cat, momentarily. I actually think I might be happier if I acted like a cat more often. I love cats and they have a relatively easy life compared to most humans, they don't, for example, have to worry about debt. I would love to be a cat for a day. Sleep in the sun and then go on the prowl for a tasty mouse. Yum!
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Purrin's easy you just gotta use the velar folds instead of the vocal cords

My life with (ahem... AS...) a cat has been quite interesting. Aside from the annoying allergies, and cat hair on all my stuff, my sweet furry and purry thing has taught me how to properly meow, and just what to do when he does a certain thing, and about all his preferences. Yes, I even get down on hands and knees and play with him sometimes (rolling a ball or Hot Wheels car for him to pounce on, etc.). Sometimes I even get to thinking I have a second life as a cat-- what an idea ;) Actually, I agree with you-- being a cat wouldn't be so bad: all that extra flexibility and leg strength, not to mention the TAIL! I think humans often miss the simple pleasures in life, and get too wrapped up in competition and MONEY. Cats just don't bother with that kind of stuff (well, some competition, but not to the same extent), and consequently are generally much happier.<br />
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Don't you wish you could purr?

That is funny! I don't know if meowing counts as acting like a cat; but, I love to meow at my cats! It drives them crazy and they meow back to try and tell me G-d knows what! One morning I woke up from a dream that I was eating a mouse and I looked at the pillow next to me where my cat was sleeping and I just thought I wonder what he is dreaming about. That has happened to me twice! I have been dreaming things that a cat would dream when my cat sleeps too close to my head.