i streach in the morning sun naked of corse you blush at me but im just being me. curling up at your feet some times or laying across your desk wanting you to pet me so i can purr loudly. chase a toy around the house,or look up at you tilting my head so my ears can flop to one side cutely and smile down at me im your kitty and always will be

brokenandalone brokenandalone
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Would love it if you were my little kitten.

that is neat =) cats are awesome ! =)

you sit curled<br />
i am petting<br />
you purrr<br />
i know<br />
I am home


the funny thing about cats is, we don't pick them they own us lol

meow purrr!!!!!

Cool poem!!

eeeew ero-jiji nante, suki JA NAI!!!

I am very good with and to my cats... they love to play with me and to get petted but I have yet to encounter the neko-girl kind ;-)

Sounds like the perfect life! Keep on livin ur kitty life!! MEOW!!!