Girly Girl

every night when my family are asleep i go into my sisters room open her wardrobe and try on her clothes and makeup and anything else that comes to mind i can't help it it feels so right help what should i do

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You need to get your own stuff, especially make up, You can get diseases from wearing someone else s stuff.

I think its cool that you do this, if you really feel like you should be a girl, like i do. then you need to get your own stuff. Figure out your size and go shopping, now with internet you can do it from home if your to scared to shop on your own.

this is just your way of getting attention. i am not saying that you don't cross dress but why come on the internet and go on about it. i mean in your other posts you are now Laura and living as a woman. these are fantasies your most probably a transvestite/cross dresser. you probably get some sort of sexual gratification from this and fantasies about forced fem or sissy hood . if not you maybe transgender but not from what i have read.

I think that you should be whoever you want. I think that you should think about what you really want to be/who you want to be. I don't mean to sound like i'm telling you what you should or shouldn't do. I just think that you should take some time and think about who YOU are and who YOU want to be. Maybe that will help you. Just follow your heart.and you should post pictures so we can see you =)

your a girl right? if you are it's OK! so what your a girly-girl!!!!!!!!

how old are you? you should really see a psychiatrist. not a psychologist, they rarely have any clue what they're talking about. if it feels "right" to do that, they you're liekly either transsexual, or gay. there's a couple other possibilities too

You should kill your sister and take all her clothes and make-up.<br />
<br />
And then join a circus.

sounds like it a problem if your asking what you should do lol. Ask yourself why your doing it and what your getting out of it. Are your jealous of your sister and what she ownes?