Try Harder

I always try to put on a happy face for everything and it works okay at school and work and stuff but then when I'm at home, everyone notices but my parents never even speak to me. I can't tell them that I feel his way because my great grandparents haven't been well so they've got enough to worry about. I change a lot between being on top of the world but then i just change back to my normal self. I always have tried to be the happy one but I've never been properly happy I guess...
screwmylife screwmylife
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2011

dear screwmylife. i have also felt like that, so you are not alone. your parents will worry even more if they know that you have been sad and they havent known rather than if you tell them straight away. tell some people you are close to exactly what is going on and they will help you. from, closetohome

thanks, i know my reply's a little late :/