In Love With My Best Friend

i have been friend with josef for 3 years. in the past 2 years I began to develop feelings for him and finally i fell in love with him .

he always treat me like a man because i'm not girly and i always act like a boy .besides he has a girlfriend but he doesn't like her or love her and he told me ones that he is like a brother to me and i'm really annoyed of that and i want to show him that i'm not like a boy and that i can be a girl like other girls. so pleasee helpp meee and sorry about my bad english.

vikasbhamre vikasbhamre
18-21, M
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

hello. well it has been hard on u but i have to agree with who u are and when the right person comes along he will accept u as the amazing person that u are. n u knw how the heart will learn to love again..dont go fr the stupid fairy tales movie spins"we love only once". plz dnt try to change fr others..specially if it seems impossible.

hold on, so let me get this straight. you want to start acting like a woman to get with a gay guy? lolwut?? I am sorry, dude, but unless you get a sex change there is no way you can ever get with him (unless he's bi).