Hating Her Forever

So it was at school and we have this whole week of 'challenges' which is basically a whole week for us to do f*uck all really. And i was sorta looking forward to it because my crush (lets call him Chris) was staying at school like I was instead of going to camp. So yeah I was excited.
So I was hanging out with my best friend (lets call her Lizzie) and we've been bff's for about 10 yrs at that point and I was happy to spend the week with her because I didn't get to see a lot of her. So we were quite content.
That was an awful day as she continuously flirted with Chris!! And she knew(!!!!!!!!!!!!) i liked him. she knew. at first I was like yeah okay. Fine she'll stop in a minute. But she didn't.
It was outrageous flirting! I couldn't believe that she'd done that to me!! How dare she.
Tuesday: Things got worse. I even told her on monday night to stop flirting with Chris, its 1: hurting my feelings, 2: not fair on me and 3: he is f*cking flirting back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her to stop but did she?????


Wednesday: Went to Staunton Country Park that day luckily Lizzie didn't come but Chris did. So i had him to myself.

The conversation was happily flowing and i was content until he went,

"Jenny, can I ask you something?" (as you can imagine my heart was going boomboomboomboom)
"Yes you can Chris what is it?"
"Never mind."
"No tell me come on it can't be that bad."
"Okay okay, D'you think Lizzie would go out with me?"

Crash goes my heart.

"I... I.... I don't know er you'll have to ask her yourself. Er got to go."

Back at school I went up to Lizzie and re-layed this convo and she went

"Yeah I know he's already asked me."
"And you said no right?"
"Er not exactly.... I haven't said anything yet."


"Wait I know why..... You want to go out with him don't you???"

No answer.


I broke down crying and you'd think that she'd have got the picture that I REALLY didn't want her to go out with him.

But no.

Afterwards when I stopped crying I said.

"Fine okay whatever." You know when your friend says its okay but it's not. yeah one of those moments.


I didn't speak to Lizzie or Chris that day.


"I don't want to see any of it. nothing okay?" I told her, "Nothing."

Next monday guess who hung out with me and my friend.

Lizzie and Chris.
julietsbaby julietsbaby
Jul 25, 2010