Kids Love Me

My job is a babysitter. I love kids. And they love me. I babysit 3 little brothers of the ages 5, 6, and 7, and my 6 year old sister, and the brother's niece that's 11 months old or so. So, 5 kids at once. And you know what's funny? The boys have a crush on me. They always give me kisses and ask if I'm single. The oldest actually thought him and I were dating. One day he tells me, "You're my girlfriend......Right? I love you and nobody else!!" It was the cutest thing ever. Him kissing me on the cheek got out of hand soon or later. he did it constantly, with such grace like we were dating so I told him, "Okay, now that's enough with the kisses. Hugs and cuddling is fine." We always cuddle on the couch watching movies with his brothers and my sister. Not only do the boys have a crush on me, they like my 6 year old sister. I always catch her walking away smiling, as if she was blushing from the boys cuddling with her. They're all so cute. Even though they're only so little, when the boys tell me that I'm beautiful, I blush and thank them sooo much. They have such kind hearts.

When I'm older, having kids, I want to have 2 kids of my own and adopt a kid in needs of saving. Kids are my life. Wherever I go, kids always seem to be attached to me. At my old Elementary school where my sister now goes to as a Kindergartener, kids always smile, point at me, and say hi and hug me. I don't even know them! I'm always welcoming of kids. I think I'm going to be a proud parent. YEARS FROM NOW!
KayKay12497 KayKay12497
13-15, F
May 21, 2012