College: Take One, Take Two

It has officially been a fortnight (well, if you discount this upcoming weekend as actual weekdays) since I packed by bags and began the long journey to college. I admit during the first week I was terrified, tired and disenfranchised. It was only really friday of that week that I realized I should cut myself slightly more slack. I mean, I had graduated from High School, right? I remember receiving my diploma, even though I never bothered to frame it and can't truly tell you where it is right now. Then again, I can probably find it when I return home.

In other news, classes have been interesting. My teachers are good (for the most part) and I am slowly but surely adjusting to this thing called "college life." Yet even now it is not perfect; people with no parents to corral them away from drugs and alcohol binge on school nights, and I won't go into detail about friday nights, because a. I have to see it for myself. b. It will get ugly.

I gloat my sobriety sometimes. Alone in my room at night, at least I can give a 90% accurate account of daily events.

What else, you say? Well, I haven't been able to enjoy a good book in a bit, which is usually so cathartic during busy days. If only professors could establish a reading minimum so I could finish it within twenty-four hours. Facebook and YouTube searches aside. Speaking of which, I have to find the charger to my Kindle. Eventually...

But honestly, it is great. My floor is the best floor any frightened freshman could ask for (even the antisocial ones like me who think parties are an excuse for addiction and date rape) and I quite enjoy the beautiful walks I take from my dorm to the cafeteria or the gym, which is a trek unto itself. I still miss my parents, having less work, being able to take a shower in my own bathroom and going to bed at a reasonable hour. But it is getting better, I promise.

Useless internet searches and midnight bathroom runs be damned.

It's just me,

Elle Cee.

ElleCee94 ElleCee94
Sep 7, 2012