I had lunch with a friend today and she was having a baked potato stuffed with broccoli and she had a pork chop w/gravy left over from dinner last night. Before we finished lunch she took the container that still held the gravy and she chugged it.


It was the most disturbing sight I have seen in a long while.


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Hey! I like gravy, but drinking it? she must love her gravy :)

Whew! I thought you caught me sipping from the gravy boat!


All this talk about chugging and/or drinking gravy is making me ill. That's just gross.<br />
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mmmmm gravy.... what's wrong with that?! lol<br />
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What does chugged mean? Gulped it all down in one?

LOL! I've done the same sort of thing with the vinager left in the bottom of the tray after eating a portion of chips.

uh oh don't tell me then


Mmmm, gravy.<br />
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I love me some gravy.<br />
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I think I'm gonna be sick.