Hot Night At Party

There had been a guy on my uni course that I found so hot and always wanted to do dirty things to! I hadn't had sex in a few months since my ex boyfriend cheated on me so I was so horny!

Anyway, this night I was out with my friends at a club and I saw him! He kept looking over at me and thing I knew he was dancing right behind me, grinding up behind me! It wasn't long before I could feel his erection pushing against me and his breath on my neck! His hand slipped from my breast down my body to my ****. We were dancing and it was so hot! His fingers inserted my vagina on the dance floor! In and out! It was amazing! I could feel myself getting horny and my legs getting weak! I led him to the toilets and sat him on the seat...I pulled down his pants to reveal an erect c***. I looked into his eyes and inserted his **** into me! I was trying not to scream to loud coz we were in public! I was so wet and his **** was so big! I was bouncing on him up and down until he c***** and I kept going until my 3 ******! When he was done, he made me stand on the seat and he licked me out, flicking his tongue over my **** until I was close to fainting! It was the best sex I've ever had!
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Jan 13, 2013