I Do Feel Bad .....

I have two competing experiences here that I need to clarify: 

YES I do add everyone. I LOVE the diversity of my circle of friends. I have met SO much from them!! 

BUT ... NO - I will NOT add anyone under the age of 18.  . . why? Some of the stories that I post are adult experiences, and some comments may be racy.  It's just easier to NOT have to remember -oh yeah, this one is 16, etc.

So - I love my circle - but must be 18 to enter .... sorry :) 

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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9 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I miss you El Floyderino --- miss ya man.

Yea there are, its actually bad, I believe 16-17 is still fine less than that too small!

Aha!!!! El - you are a FAKER!!!! :) No - I just started checking 'IDs' when people started posting about it. I never realized there were 13 year olds on here!!!! wow .. .

I faked my age, I was 17 when i got into yours turned 18 on 7th feb, legalized now I guess.

There's a place and time for everything. Let me know if you figure it all out. LOL

I agree DB - I have gotten away from the really racey stuff too - just in case ... you never know .. : )

It's really nice to see someone being conceientious (sp?) about it. I've written some racey stuff before, but i usually hit the 'flag' button. I do admit i've gotten away from the real racey stuff cuz i wonder who might be reading.. not just on the site, but in real life too. nothing is truely anonymous... i am paranoid.

Yeah - I just feel bad because not all my stories are pg13, hell NC17 for that matter....

i have quite a few kids in mine