To An Extent

I wary of blank profiles, in which there are no experiences and no other friends adding me out of the blue, as I wonder, why is it me in particular they are adding and want to know more about them and their experiences first.

But, if someone adds me and they are legal age, I will add them back.  This is a place for us to share experiences and writings, we get to know diverse people here and experience their writings and enjoy them, empathise, identify and reach out.

However, if there is one theme, and that theme being identified with a red filter mark I may not add, as that diversity does not apply in that situation and I do not see what my friendship or writings can contribute.

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

I have two friends with a red octagon.. neither has written anything to be ashamed of.. neither is a perv either.. please don't count someone out without seeing why it is that they have been given the red octagon. (Not that I'm sure you would've..)<BR>It may be that they have written some memories of upsetting experiences that someone decided to flag as 'adult' or perhaps some automatic flagging by the EP system..<BR>I though I was going to get one but I think it works on the percentage of flagged stories you post.<BR>I wonder what "legal age" means? to WHAT?<BR>I just write to my friends and give them friendship and support.. so there's no legal age for that.. I dunno what your doing with yours! *lol*:P<BR>I only add people who i AM a fan of.. they have to REALLY be one of my favourite authors.. doesn't matter how nice their friend request is.. if I am not a fan i will not add.. i just send a note saying "You gotta write something i love". If they have thousands of groups and stories then I expect to be sent a link to a story that they think I'll love... otherwise how do I know/find what am I supposed to be a fan of? They have to share an experience with me.. I need to be able to identify something we have in common, or they're just a stranger and there's no actual reason for me to want them in my circle.<BR>If someone adds me and sends no note.. then I find that pretty weird, I wonder what hey read that they liked, and also why they don't write to say "Hi"... I assume these people are not bothered whether I add them back, so I keep an eye out for their stories in case they post one that makes me a fan.. sometimes it never happens.. well I have only been here two months, so it could still happen.. I have quite a few more fans than friends. That's perfectly ok with me. Sometimes I'll sy "Hi" to people and invite them to look at my prolfile, but not add them, cuz I don't want to put any pressure on them to add me.<BR>Sometimes it is annoying to not be able to add <18s first, having to ask, or constantly being made to point out to each of them that I'm forbidden to contact them, it just makes ME feel like a creep. Not fair!