Yes, I Love My Man's C*ck. . . Get Over It Or Stop Following Me.

I like to see where I can lead my friends, but especially some of the prudes that follow me around. It is funny when I lead my friends around and they are adding groups behind me but it is even more fun when I see a person adding experience after experience right behind me and I add "I love my man's thick c*ck" and then I don't see them behind me for a couple of hours while they go and get their heart rate back to normal. See I told you I can be evil. .

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16 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I like the way you think.

Faucon, LMAO!!!! I have no complaints lol. He takes care of me lol. <br />
<br />
Sara, I o that too. Sometimes I will forget to remove it after too. I will look back and have weird groups on my profile and wonder why I added it until I see the avatar.

Sometimes I join the group just so I can pick an avatar for it.... heh heh heh

The price of fame !!!!! LOL

Hehe! I went one step further and I created the group lol.

This is fun... I've done the same thing... even if I drop the group later!

It is funny as heck. I love being a shocker. LOL

ooh goodness J. That's quite interesting. It is entertaining to see that the friends add groups and than when someone adds a "more adult type" group the friend all of a sudden stops adding the groups.

LMAO Pumpkin. Although the group title is true I had to start it just so I can giggle every time I see it. I may even go there and add a story about hisn anatomy each time. lol<br />
<br />
Faucon, You are just jealous that I thought of starting that group for my man before you could talk him in to penazling for me. LOL


Oh he can back it up darling.I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true lol.

LOL hehe it was an example, but i could add it.

But this is me being evil Ar. Do you want to take this away from me?

LOL!!!! I am in one of those moods tonight.

ive done worse!

ROFLMAO.......... Evil evil Girl...... HAHAHA