I am kind of new at EP, but have learned this: People I add often want to know why, so I thought I might as well put a post on this theme. The most common reason I would add you would be because I would like to read more of your postings. Also I might simply want to get to know you, obviously also based on what you write and your profile. Basically if I add you to my circle and you are not interested in me or what I have to say, please just keep me as a fan – and do not block me unless you for any reason do not want me to see your postings of course. I might have strong opinions about some stuff, but I am no stalker :-) , and I do not often message people. I will not message you if told not to. You are welcome to message me if you want to – obviously with regards :-) – but concerning any subject you would like.
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3 Responses Aug 28, 2014

Very good idea to put it out in a post lay the boundaries down

Beautiful reasoning to add people, now a days people will add others for no reason, and it's kinda annoying when I get random adds for people who have never even bothered to have a conversation with me.

I'll add you if you add me

I read your profile, and I must admit; I am a bit confused to why you would want that. .?. :-)