Carnell'sz Story Part 1

(Charisa && Carnell are talking on the phone]

Carnell:So wanna qo out on saturday !

Charisa:Yea Sure where we qoinq?

Carnell:It'sz a szurpriise (Smiling]

Charisa:Ok Nelly baby i'm bored !

Carnell:Ok imma come pick you up !

Charisa:Ok imma hop in the shower real quick !


(They Hanq up]

(1 hour && a half later Carnell picks Charisa up]

Kelly:Where you qoing Carnell

Carnell:I'm qoing to pick up my girl duhh !

Kelly && Bryan:Oh hurry up we miss her !

Carnell:Ok sometimes I think ya'll go out !

Kelly:Naw I wish !

Carnell && Bryan:Why?

Kelly:Cause she qot a fat a**

Carnell:Watch it she'sz minesz !

Bryan && Kelly:Yea we know.

(Charisa && Carnell are walking]

Carnell:When we get to the house watch out for kelly

Charisa:Why what happened?

Carnell:He likes to watch your a** !

Charisa:Dont worry i'm all yoursz !

(At the house Charisa is sitting with Carnell , Patriick && Dustiin]

Patriick:So Charisa lonq time no see

Charisa:Yea I know

Dustin:So why you have'nt stopped by or called?

Charisa:I do call but not for you (Lauqhinq]

Patrick:Oh she told you

Charisa:Sure did ! Can I use the phone I need to get some food i'm starving.

Dustin:With your fat a**

Charisa:Watch it I know how to whip a**

Dustin:Ok you got it

Charisa:What ya'll wanna eat?

Dustin , Patrick , Carnell:Order something like Pizza

Charisa:Damn beasting ok Pizza it is.

(Charisa goes in the kitchen to order the pizza]

Patrick:Damn Nellsz you qot it good

Carnell:What you mean?

Dustin:Yo ya chick is bad

Carnell:I know

(Charisa comes in with Bryan and Kelly behind her]


Carnell , Patrick , Dustin , Bryan && Kelly:Ok damn fat a**!

Charisa:(Smiling Sitsz next to Bryan]Hi miss me yea Baby B I heard itsz all out there !

(The doorbell ringsz]

Bryan:(Feeling embrassed}I'll get it

F/v:Hi i'm Nicole i just moved in next door and I just wanted to say...

Bryan:Say what?

Nicole:Can I speak to Carnell?

Bryan:Ok CARNELL !


Bryan:The door was for you.

(Carnell comes to the door holding Charisa'sz hand tiqht]



Carnell:So what'sz up?

Charisa:Um hi i'm Charisa hisz qirl

Nicole:Oh hi i'm nicole

Charisa:Yea I know (Lookinq her up and down]

Nicole:Well forget it then bye.

Charisa:Ok Bye

Carnell:Why you gotta be so mean?

Charisa:It'sz just me.

(Back In The House]

Patrick:Damn pizza isz taking lonq enouqh

Dustin:Yea how much did it cost

Charisa:Enough for you to eat && ya'll each owe me 5.50.

(Carnell kissesz her]Now were paid off

Charisa:Kelly I just seen a qirl that you can drool on && stop looking at my a** cause I see you

Kelly:Whatsz her name?

Carnell && Charisa:Nicole

Kelly:Ok show me the qirl

Charisa:No go find her your damn self.

Bryan:&& Stop calling me Baby B Riisza

Charisa:Stop it!

Bryan:Ok Riisza

(Charisa walksz away]

Carnell:See what you did B!

Patrick:Now go find her and make it up !

(Bryan Walksz in the direction Charisa went]

(In Carnellsz Bedroom]

Bryan:Charisa are you ok

Charisa:Yea just leave so I can qo to sleep

Bryan:Ok imma qo get Nellsz

Charisa:Yea good iidea Baby B is it ok if I call you that

Bryan:If I can call you Riisza.

Charisa/Riisza:Ok itsz watever

(Carnell walksz in the room and laysz next to Charisa/Riisza]

Carnell:You ok

Charisa/Riisza:Now i am

(Charisa Fallsz asleep on Carnellsz chest]

(Kelly walksz in && notice Charisa/Riisza sleeping on Carnell &&startsz jumpinq on Carnellsz bed]

Charisa/Riisza:Oh My God Carnell we've been hit by a Jumping Monkey (Joking]

Kelly:Forget you

Charisa/Riisza:How can I forget my sexy face?

Kelly && Carnell:Your riiqht

Charisa/Riisza:Kelly get out now


Charisa/Riisza:Cause before you came jumping on the bed cause you wanted Bananas i was sleepinq!By the way diid the piizza come?

Kelly:Oh yea hurry up cause Pat , Dustiin , && B iisz feastiin on iit

Charisa/Riisza:(Running]Ok thx Kellsz

Kelly:You Owe me to(Yelling]


Charisa/Riisza:Hold Up let me take a bite(Snatching Bryans Pizza]

Bryan:Damn !

Patrick:You tiqht !

Bryan:Hellsz yea !

Charisa/Riisza:Deal with it !

Patrick:That isz why I like her !

Dustin:Yea she keepsz it real

Charisa/Riisza:Thx cause i'm from Harlem and you know it so show it(Lauqhinq]

To Behh Contiinued...

Watch out for Carnell'sz Story Part 2

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