Adderall And Marijuana

I received an amazing Sovereignty King Stemline in the mail one day so I snuck out to my friend’s house one night to hit it for the first time. I thought it would be a good idea to take Adderall – 60mgs, a few hours before I went over. After I had gotten out of my house and onto the road, I was hyperventilating, and felt chills throughout my body. I felt like I was going to puke after I ran a little, I felt a tight weight in my stomach. I had to meet my friend at a specific time and was forced to run. My stomach was pulsating for a while after I had reached my friend’s shed. I loaded my King Stemline up with water and ice, packed a bowl, and lit it up. We smoke three bowls of mid-grade cannabis and by the end of the last bowl I was freaking out. I felt very happy about my bong, it hit harsh, but the marijuana was very low quality and everyone took bigger hits than they should have. I felt my heart, it beat so fast that I couldn’t hear or focus. I stumbled down the gravel road, en route to my house. The sky was completely black, the rode was a blinding white, and I heard animals crawl around in the bushes. This had me constantly shining the flashlight on the sides of the road to make sure I was safe. Sometimes I felt no fear, and other times I was shaking with fear. Once I was on the main road I couldn’t stop hallucinating that there was a car near me. If I stopped and focused, I could hear chatter; a conversation inside my head with inaudible dialogue. When I got to my house I quickly finished some of my unfinished business, and, with my heart racing, got inside. As soon as I unpacked my bag, I sat down and counted my heartbeat; I counted 106 beats in a minute but this information meant nothing to me. I turned on some music, contemplating whether or not I would want to watch I movie… I said no and started listening to the music. The music wasn’t very enjoyable, my head pulsating and I had a headache throughout the experience. Each breath was a struggle. I found that water made me feel a little better and cleared up my breathing. After that, I wanted to call people and socialize, but couldn’t risk waking anybody up. I went upstairs to get water and on my way back saw what I thought was a mouse, but I just was tripping because the mouse was a ball. I could hardly drink; it hurt every time I swallowed. My stomach gradually felt tighter and tighter, but then loosened up. I kept turning around because I felt like I heard my dad in his office; I ended up ignoring this because I thought I was hallucinating the sounds. The chair I sat in felt very uncomfortable and forced me to squirm around to find a comfortable position. I realized that I didn’t have much time until I would have to go to sleep. Only an hour left. I then decided to clean up the scene of the crime and put away anything questionable; I couldn’t get caught this time. After deciding that I was not going to get caught I resumed my musical trance. At 4:20 I was shivering and moving my chair side to side. I really liked the faster, cleaner pace of the song I was listening to. I particularly like the next song; it caused my brain to vibrate and throb. Time was swirling in and out of my head, I felt like I was in slow motion with everything else sped up. The clock cranked down, this created and grew anxiety. Throughout my whole I experience I thought I heard people around me, I questioned and hid from reality. My head hurt whenever I tried to move it, causing me to have to affix my vision to the computer monitor. Every time I read I could constantly see the text changing colors and sizes. My vision was blurry; I couldn’t see anything in the dark. I realized that it was now Saturday and doubted that my dad would be awake at 6, later remembering that I thought I had heard someone in his room. I tried to think if I actually heard him, but couldn’t sort hallucination from reality. Staying awake for a while seemed safe enough, as long as I stayed quiet. I then was starting to shivering and sweat. I could feel the evil chills coming from my parents. I slowly crept into bed, trying to be invisible. That is when I fell asleep.
Cannabisconnoisseur Cannabisconnoisseur
18-21, M
Sep 6, 2012