Coming Down Off Of Adderall Sucks!

Well it has been a month to the day since the new doc has taken me off of my adderall. I have to admit at first I figured it would be fine but I have only gone a couple of days with out it and never had an issue. Now however it seems as if I literally cannot function. I started out ok, but now I do not want to do anything. I literally cannot function. I do not want to go any where, I don't even want to leave the house I only go to the store cause it it right across the street, even then it takes hours for me to get motivated enough to go. I never thought I would feel like this! It it bad enough I have had to fight all my life being a polygamist with two wives. Now thought I have no fight left. I have gained weight I am constantly forgetting to take my other medications (either that or I don't even care enough to get up). My wives have noticed a big change in me and it's not for the better. I own a business and don't even go in any more. I mean this is horrible. I am calling on Monday to change my doctor and get one that will put me back on my adderall I never thought I would have really needed something like this to function, but here I am at 34 really literally at a cross roads either get back on it or keep feeling this way! I mean I think it is crap anyways that my doc stopped them in the first place because he is anti adderall, but the way I see it he is still a human and doesn't know everything! I hope I can come up with a better update, but right now I am not so sure. Not only that I can't sleep right I am sleeping for like one or two hours at a time and through different times of the day. Some times I don't sleep for days on end. I have some advice for those of you who want to either start or stop taking this drug look at me and the things I am going through, before you take it!
Polygamy101 Polygamy101
31-35, M
Jan 12, 2013