Im Addicted To Sleeping Pills And Its Bad Anyone Have This

I have been a alcoholic for years and im not completely better I've switched to taking sleeping pills and its been a long time now .

I have had issues big time with insomnia and it was to the point where I'd be up for 48 hours or more so I tried taking some over the counter one and it didn't work and now I'm dependant on them.

This isn't an addiction where I'm addicted to sleeping I still have Insomnia. I take them and I stay awake still its getting to where I developed a high tolerance tonight I have taken the extra strength ones. I have taken 15 of them. There's 20 in a box I pretty much have a box a day

My hands shake constant when I take too much. I don't know how to get better and I feel very alienated I don't see much or anyone that's had issues with it
I know I'll end up taking too much one night and I need some kind of advice
Curtiswilliam Curtiswilliam
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Addiction can easy go from one thing to another. The pills can actually make you not sleep. If I were you I would dig down deep, say fu** it and stop. Go to friend, anyone, lock yourself in a room and dont let them let you leave for 7 days. Then go to a drug counselor ASAP.