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Addison Disease

i was diagnosed with Addison disease when i was fourteen years old i began not feeling well developed a very dark tan and started to loose my appetite. at first my family and i thought nothing of it and doctors would tell me i don't have anything wrong with me. then it started to develop into worse and worse symptoms to the point of me not able to stop myself from vomiting after a couple bites out of a meal. and i couldn't even stay awake in class.then the sickness started. i had flu like symptoms for a month been to the hospital had spinal taps and another type of test you could think of and still no one believed anything was wrong with me. then one day i woke up and could only say one word. i was rushed to a hospital then they did another round of every test you can think of but i was at a different hospital hoping for different outcomes.still nothing. i started to feel better and could walk around more than i had in months. the day they were going to release me i had a seizure and was in coma for three days. no one was really sure if i was going to come out of it or be able to walk or function. they found i had a membrane of fluid in between my brain and my skull cause different issues like not being able to talk and that was the cause of the seizure they then did a test for ACTH levels which told them that i had adrenal insufficiency. i spent nearly one month in the hospital and years of being sick to finally know what was wrong with me. since then i have gone threw several doctors found the one that understands me most and treats my disease the best. even though i still have daily struggles of fatigue and chronic pain i feel much better and feel i have it under control.
draven1000 draven1000 22-25 2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

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Do you still have salt cravings?

draven1000: I was diagnosed with AD in 1979. I lost weight until I only weighed 90 lbs, was so dark people thought I was black, was severely dehydrated and severely malnutritioned. I did not have a grain of salt in my body. Every test was off. This was after I visited the "best diagnostician" in the area. He said there was nothing wrong with me, yet I knew I was dying, but didn't know why. Finally I visited my ob/gyn and mentioned the nausea and vomiting and weight loss. This led to me being diagnosed as hypoglycemic. 2 weeks lated I was carried into the ER almost comatose, and was finally diagnosed with Addison's Disease. I have had several adrenal crises, and never feel good. But-I'm still alive and fighting! They finally figured out I have auto-immune disease that caused it. ssfrisky