Battling To Get Diagnosis For Possible Addison's

Hi there

I live in a third world country in Africa and am really battling.

My questions are:
1) If your normal ACTH and Cortisol blood tests are normal, does that mean that a ACTH stimulation test will turn up negative for Addison's as well?
2) I am on cortisone treatment for another diagnosis (which is I don't agree with). I would like to go for an ACTH stimulation test, but the doctors are telling me that I must be off cortisone for at least a month before I can have it done. Is this true?
3) If I cannot be off cortisone for a month, what is the next best test to do? An MRI or a CT scan of the actual kidneys and adrenals? And if so, what is the technical term for what I ask for so that I can just tell the doctor straight what I need?

I really would appreciate your help in this regard.
Simone1974 Simone1974
36-40, F
Oct 18, 2012