Men couldn`t even imagine how amazingly beautiful and attractive for women to watch them holding and taking care of child. I beleive it`s one of the miracles of our world and I can relate this picture with succes, beauty and fame. I can`t aside my eyes when in supermarkets, malls and other public places I see how fathers hold, kiss, comfort their children, especially when they are not so big, I mean babies and toddlers. Aww! Every time I see how man hug or kiss his daughter or son my heart melting and I feel how somewhere deep inside me I feel envious to woman next to them :)
Personally I am attracted to men who have strong parenthood feelings and are ready to take responsibilities about future family and kids.

SuriPokemon SuriPokemon
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It is nice to know that people like what I wrote :) Thanks!

I really like your approach to the man as a husband and father-it is beautiful what you wrote. Motivating and giving optimism:) Thank you:)

Thank You for that, for it often seems as if takeing care of my children, I am doing "not the manly thing" in the eyes of many. You tached me and flatered with this story.

Glad you and many others like this story!!!!!

Thank you LovetoVent!