I think to be a good father is more difficult than it seems to be at first sight. It is not only hard working to have money in order to ensure the kid they can have got the best books, the best toys or the best school. Of course, it is very important to be in able to ensure children and their mother about well financial stabilisation, good living condition, including warm room, freedom of life, no violence. However, we can say good father can be recognized in the worst whiles. You are good father when you discipline your kids, but no violencial ways. You are good father, when you are not requiring to be the best and still the best. You are good father when you are taking care on what is happening in stright surroundings of your children. You must show that theere is no way to achieve any purpouse with hate, racism, or being unsocial. You are not allowed to say "You are the worst dumb" when your child fails exams. You should rather say "The next should be better". Good fater never says "I am not your father" when there is a news about some crimes commited by his teenage children. What is more, it is a big challenge to make all thing to ensure young person what is good and what is bad. You must event tell about your life mistakes and their effects, even though your child could start hate you. You must calmly explain you have changed yourself and now you are better. You are not allowed to threat children. You would rather be supposed to show how to avoid bad effects of behaviour. You must give examples of good behaviour and its effects. You must also give examples of bad behaviour and its effects, You must show that you have got duties and your children also will have got their duties. And be a light flexible.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

I'm a father of three and at times have done a poor job as Dad and for other time walked on water. It's just as difficult as being a Mom. She has unique abilities that men don't possess; just as we have abilities Mom doesn't have.

Combined, I'd hope both parents can raise their children properly. I know my wife has a special place in my children's hearts. The family is a we environment not a male or female.

It's sad but I personally don't know many like that. In my world men tend to run from their responsibilities.