Wish I knew one..

My dad never knew his and they always physically and verbally fought.

My dad treated me like **** the same way, we fought, and he's no longer in my life.

My moms dad is an alcoholic

So where is my role model?
Don't need one. I'm man enough to realize what's right and wrong and I won't use my bad family as an excuse for when I'm a parent.
akaShaun akaShaun
18-21, M
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Akashaun you will have to break the cycle. You are already there but only time will tell the man you choose to .

My dad never knew his and fought all the time with his stepfather ***

Learn to type bro

K homo.

Better run before I rape you then

Gay = Rapist now?

I mean, where did you think it all started ? Prison shower room

Guessing that's where it started for you? :c

Na man, I had a rope tied to my soap just Incase.

Man it's fine to not like *****, you don't have to be so hard on yourself and diss others for it.
Let's drop it before get a maniac from a gay parade getting butt hurt over this

Lmao I don't hate gays.. I'm just teasing you for your typo.

Lol you're such a brat-
Teasing me *winkwink*
Naaaaa I got a girlfriend <3 O_O

K I'm done here.

Lmfao, was just messing about keep your cool

😂😂 you just called me a brat lmao

You're like 8 minutes late lol

ik but I don't think I've been called brat in like 14yrs ahaha

Reminiscing the past

Yeah thanks mom

Nope, I'm not doing this. Not raging akon this time

Tagging along**

Are you gonna get the belt too? 😂

Lmao dude wth. I'm against abuse, never fun being hit the **** out of with a belt >.>.
So ya maybe I'll just feed you bleach

Now THAT is how you be a parent.

Lmao your post, the irony.

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