I won't mention the name of the person, but I was talking to one of my close friends tonight about how his divorce was going.  He was telling me with sadness that he was leaving his home to find a place to rent.  I asked him why he would do so without a fight and he mentioned that he didn't want to see his kids have to leave the only home they know.  So his soon to be ex wife will stay in the home that my friend risk his health and well being to buy for them, and he will seek housing elsewhere.He said he would do anything for his kids and this made me love him even more.

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Hopefully you will remember how to communicate after.

Err...hmmm...ah....*pouts* I....may still communicate that way...


You just keep amazing me AD.

I have been a single Dad for ten years now, and am proud to consider myself a good Dad... most of the time. My son is 14 now, and only communicates through grunts and facial gestures, but every now and then I see a spark of appreciation in him for the efforts and the sacrifices I have made. Being his Dad is the most important job I've ever had.

See you are a good daddy.

I can only hope I am a good father. I suppose the jury is out until Little Miss is out on her own living her dreams, while I am at home (late at night) wondering if she is ok.

I like when men have an attachment to their children.

I adore men like this one so much,

not having had a good father myself, i admire men who are also.

Aww that is such a sweet remembrance.

My dad is my hero, his story inspires me everyday, the way he made into this world, starting at just 300/- per month that is equivalent to your 6 dollars a month that his elder brother gave him he rose to a millionaire, hard work pays, I had tears in my eyes the first time he told me his story, it can inspire anyone, he is great!<br />
<br />
His parents passed away when he was in 11th grade.

awwww, I love some good daddies. They are precious.

My two boys love me. That is my greatest reward...DD