Flashback Moment

I was cruising through YouTube last night checking out clips of some of the comedians from back in a different day, such figures as Foster Brooks, Red Buttons, Norm Crosby, and the list goes on. A sense of nostalgia came over me as I thought back on times when comedy didn't have to resort to the lewd, rude, and crude in order to get a laugh. I guess the same goes for acting as well. People in the entertainment industry could be successful without ever having to resort to the lowest common denominator. They had the creativity and the class, and I guess that's what made them great. I also think of such figures as Cary Grant, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, Sean Connery, and that list goes on as well. I am not saying that there are not great figures in the entertainment industry now, for there surely are, but that was a different time and people seemed to think a different way, but we have evolved. But I do think back more fondly on what used to be moreso than what now is, but that's just me.
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3 Responses Oct 12, 2011

YouTube also has video of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman cutting up. You HAVE TO see the one where Tim is a new dentist. You can tell...Harvey was NOT expecting what Tim delivered.

I understand what you mean. I'm not big on the word 'evolve' myself. Perhaps transition would be better.

They were great because they were great and worked hard and played hard and lived it clear to the bone. Agreement all the way here. Paid their dues and then some. Damn they were good! Evolved? I guess different is for sure. I know what you are saying and not saying and yeah it was a word chosen with thought. Can't help but choke on it.