Barack Obama

I think Barack Obama is a good man, and a good president.  He is intelligent, honest, brave, and trustworthy.  He has been putting up with a lot of crap from the more uninformed, prejudiced, paranoid, and just plain crazy people, and has kept his cool through it all.  I am proud to have him, and his family, in the White House, and he has my full support.

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Who warped your mind to make you think he's a good president

I have mixed feelings on this one. I watched Obama a few years before he even was considered a candidate. I agreed with his ideals and the needed reforms in international politics. I disagree however with his domestic policies. My only comment about his election is that I think he screwed up and ran too early in his political carrier. He should have waited a few more terms to get a more realistic understanding of how things work on the hill. So the only really bad thing I will say about Obama is that is lack of practical experience has left him to be a puppet, others behind the scenes pulling the strings and making him dance. The republicans did have one thing right though, he is running his office backwards. First get the economy back on track and THEN worry about social reforms. I do not however blame him for the economic disaster we are in, that is something that he inherited from the Bush legacy.

I agree!

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hahaha!! Your uninformed comments here are making my stomach hurt from laughing so

I too support our President 100%. I am totally impressed with President Obama. His dignified answers command respect. He speaks intelligently and directly. He is working hard to promote peace in the world by reaching out to include all countries, even those who were previously shunned, despised or rebuked. The same way he reaches across the aisle to invite republicans to come to the table and agree on a mutually satisfactory health care reform. He is a team pla<x>yer. He listens as well as he hears. He is considerate of opposing views. He includes all people of every race, religion and political persuasion. God bless President Barack Obama.

I agree with both TrgdyAnn & JoeDeGhetto! :-)<br />
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Thanks for sharing how you feel lostinmyownhome :-) I agree with everything you said!