I Love Women Of All Races

I am a white guy but I am attracted to every single race of women,there are so many different types and they are all beautiful and sexy to me.

I Love White Women:
Their porcelian skin,silky hair and sweet soft lips like cherries.

I Love Black Women
Their dark exotic skin,sexy curves and full juicy lips,mmmm like chocolate candy

I Love Asian Women
Their beautiful dark hair, sexy exotic eyes,cute little lips like peppermints.

I Love Latina Women
Their sexy hips and legs,beautiful flashing eyes with wild tasty lips and tongues

I Love 'Em All!
JCriss JCriss
46-50, M
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Sure, you can quote me, I don't mind.

so true and a lovely way to express it <br />
may i use this if i quote you as the author?