im known to b unrealisticaly intelligent, even though i do not really think so myself... my boyfriend, hes very intelligent, a very quick thinker and it seems theres no end to his intellect.... A TOTAL TURN-ON!
Aijmeerah Aijmeerah
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please explain the characteristics of an individual who deems themselves as 'unrealistically intelligent.' Seems a little contradictory to me.

here we go... are u really going to nit pick? for real, its been said to me, i dont think i feel like really explaining it to you, buzz off, pest.

bizarre...I wasn't rude or antagonistic in my response, perhaps you miss understood. I wanted to know what 'unrealistically intelligent' actually meant seeing as they are two words which do not generally compliment each other. I'm amused at how quick you were to take offense over such a small, minor issue...relax :) I wasn't nit picking at you, was just hoping you could explain your choice of wording in a calm, mature manner, as people do when conversing, your response was too childish to even bother with. good day to you

get off it, didnt i just get finished saying that i wont explain nothin to no one, no matter how damn polite they r? idc how nice u were asking, i aint explaining ****.

then why not just keep it to yourself? u obviously enjoy the attention. so weird. you're young though...that explains it

ur not acting so damn mature urself, i thought u said good day, get lost, there is no more to it than u just leaving the post alone. u see ur the only one who commented. now please, shoo... shoo, away with u little pest.

this was entertaining at first, watching a self-proclaimed 'intelligent' girl just totally contradict herself but I think you've embarrassed yourself enough tonight. And im bored. have fun :)

look, just stop, ur really starting to make me feel uncomfortable, i may have forgot some quotation marks to proficiently say that those exact words were said by a friend of mine, but it doesnt seem to have bothered none but u, but then again u like arguing with little kids, so go right on ahead, u see i got a slick *** mouth and i can keep goin till i fall asleep, then go on till i go to work tommorrow.

yawn. thought this was over.

u took my experience and downgraded it, u *******. do u do this to everyone else, nit pick, then wanna run? well hell run yo ***** *** away, and quit being such a stuck ul ***** like ppl dont MAKE ******* MISTAKES!

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