I've had several Friend's who I'd consider brave living with severe disabilities and injuries from conflict, accidents or just being born that way.One was paralyzed in a terrorist outrage and another born without arms thru a drug mix-up.

Equally like my friend here, I'm something of a survivor having been ill treated, used as a punchbag shunned and generally give a miserable time by others, some of which you'd expect to be able to trust.

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i appreciate bravery in others ,especially when one must stand against many, its a ongoing part of life and we see it in people and sometimes in ourselves , to me being brave is choosing to do what you know is right when everyone else will say to go the other way , bravery is found in all walks of life, bravery is what men often show in battle ,being more concerned with their fellow man about them than their own selves , their was a guy , i have forgotten his name now that was recently in the irag war and he was riding in a jeep and a grenade was tossed inside and he had just seconds , he could have tried to jump free and save himself but instead he jumped on the grenade yelling for the others in the jeep to jump free and he died and saved them , i believe he was awarded the medal of honor for his bravery, the point tho is he'll never know about the medal ,what he did was a selfless act of bravery ,actually an act of love because he cared more for his friends than himself and isn;t that what the Lord jesus spoke of in the book of John about how that there was no greater love than he that would give up his life for his friends-john 15:13-Bravery is what we show in boldness , we show it when others are faint hearted , we show it when we are faint hearted, As the saying goes ,Faint heart never won fair Lady, bravery is daring to do what common sense says not to at the time , thats only sometimes tho, there are other times when the only right thing to do will require much bravery and without that bravery the job won't get done , thats the way ti see it-tigerspaw1

I admire you. You for recognizing that in others and appreciating it. {HUGS}