Unfortunately it is not so common any more.
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I agree completely. I see it daily at work and with my sons' friends. He's 19 so sometimes I attribute it to their age, but still think before you do things. His friends tell stories of how their parents get mad at them for not telling the truth and don't know why. Doesn't common sense tell you that when you lie, people get angry? Where it really drives me nuts is at the office. I work with supposedly educated professional people and yet they still do and say the dumbest things. If you say you'll have something done by the end of the day and then don't do it - it makes sense that you'd communicate that. Nope, and then they get mad when you follow up on it. I shake my head in dismay quite often.

I doubt it's any less common than it was twenty years ago. Maybe stupidity is harder to remember than intelligence.

Says who?

Well the fact that you had to ask that question makes my point.

I have begun to refer to it as UNcommon sense!

True that!

It is such a shame too.

Well,let's hope those without common sense have other virtues!

That would take quiet a bit, so what would it take for you?

I'm not sure i understand the question? Guess my common sense us on vacation! Lol

I was asking what virtue would make up for a lack of common sense to you.

Thats kinda what i thought.
I would have to be extreme intelligence. Sometimes rocket scientists can't tie their own shoes!

I know a few nukes like that, I live in Charleston where the navy nuclear power school is.

Well,i guess nobody is perfect. ..except me...lol :~)

LOL... I have a shirt that says "I am not perfect, but I am so close it's scary."

I need to borrow your shirt. Ill try not to stretch it out!

So why would you stretch it out?

Um, im a girl....think about it!

I know, I just wanted you to say it.

Sorry i didnt spell it out,but you have common sense!

LOL.... That I do, but I am a bit of a schemer. So I was trying to get you to say it.

Not surprised!

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