I Admire Men Who Gets Spanked And Get Disciplined By Women

I have so mutch respect for men who will take a spanking from woman if they did or say something wrong i say a man who refuses to take a spanking from a woman and beliefe that women should be the ones getting spanked is defenitly a SISSYBOY!!! And COWARD! woman must! Be domonant! Over men! Thats what i beliefe the way it should be. NO MAN IS A WOMAN BOSS!..... No! rude! comments! I will flag! You! Thanx
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I can see some value in that

I realized I deserved punishment and my wife is a strong believer in use of corporal punishment. so if I lose my temper she will give me a sound thrashing with the cane, paddle or Avon bathbrush. I dont always feel like it but I always go take off my clothes and bend over the bed for it obedient ly. is that wrong?

I would agree to this men need to be corrected and spanked which I knew a woman that did this

I totally agree. I accept my spanking when told to bend over. I always haveto do bare bottom. I get it worse if I ask to leave clothes on. I stopped asking.

its not punishment if you are clothed silly. my Wife generally has me ***** completely except for high heels that are ridiculously high. standing there naked and perched on these heels before she start s laying into my *** makes me feel like a very bad boy. the only thing that would be more demeaning would be an audience but she is very private do that isn't likely. :(

Hello Miss, thank you for your post. I hope all is well with you. I kneel before you, humbly.

I admire the women who are willing to discipline, there aren't very many out there.

I can't say I agree whole heartily but I agree on some points. The wife asked and I agreed to start domestic discipline. It real not a game and I received my first one yesterday. 15minutes with a riding crop. Still sore today

Even if it hurts......

I have searched for awhile now for a woman who would discipline me with no luck. I am 48yrs old and seem to need it more than ever.

i know that you are right

I like your story a man should be wiling to be spanked by a woman. I would desire one :)

Some men do welcome a spanking from a woman. I am one of them.

I am too

my wife thinks the same as you

I've never denied a spanking but one has never been given, I definitely have the attitude for several but when it comes to anyone male or female nobody does even if they threaten to give one they never do. Maybe I am just unspankable.

my wife spanks me alot

More men are for this tan you think...I am a spanked man hurts like hell but I am glad she takes the time to correct me properly....although I am over due

I love being spanked by a woman and women are superior over men.

Ilike your style - for every submissive, there is a dominant out there..

Hey Teardrop. I don't need you to spank me, my wife just finished (over a chair with a lexan paddle). Was grumpy and needed it, stung a lot but I felt better afterward. No sex but it definitely made me more loving.

i was over wife knees last night hairbrush bare bottom still have marks this mronnig from the spanking i had attitude an needed adjustment no sex after

I can`t agree more I have never spanked my wife but through out my marriage my wife as given me regular spankings with a belt ,paddle,riding crop and when I maker very angry the cane

it is nicce that your wife will spank you like that same with mine i haave never gotten cane

an every day type female house wife professional etc

thats exactly what I want punishment discipline from a female in charge free of sex a mature woman in a normal setting just got scolded by a female debt collector wish she would have a paddle in her desk

you're absolutely right..and femdom is more like a life style rather than sexual thing. it's the understanding the power and superiority of Women over men and not just admitting that but also acting that way...im so interested, never bee, but ive always thought that women have the power over men and should be disciplined by them

Well i'm not into pain pet so wouldn't really like spanking but you could punish me by degrading me physically and mentally also if you weren't getting enough satisfaction out of that you could force me so suck and take the biggest strap on you could find before and after you **** me wit it also if that wasn't enough punishment for me you could fist my tight little *** and do your best to get both your hands up if you wanted and if you weren't happy wit that you could call your friends around and let them take turns at me aswell would that be sufficient do you think or would it not satisfy your punishing heart


Must have touched a nerve lol

Not at all just anoid by a man acting like a 3jear old kid

Lol needs a good hard spanking

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