I wish I was better disciplined in my own life. There are so many areas where I could improve with just a little more discipline.
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You should find yourself a MENTOR. Even a cyber mentor would be better than none at all. The good thing is that you realise you could be better behaved. That's a fine first step to take. Well done.
Having seen the difference a mentor can make I would advise you to take the next step.

How about 50 swats with a hard paddle to go, or do you want it supersized
to 75 swats?

My ex-girlfriend Liliane did a lot bad things between 15 and 18 years. her parents didn't do anything. One day she was brought home by a police-officer (drugs). he told her father that Liliane would need a severe trashing. Her father agreed and took Liliane to her room, removed her jeans and her undies and put her laying on the bed. With one hand he grabbed her arm and with the other hand he gave her a caning on her bare bum. She was screaming like a pig and felt a lot of pain but after she was glad about the spanking. After she didn't take drugs anymore. She knew that she had needed this as a younger girl.

I have a cyber tutor who imposes punishments if I go off the rails.

its never to late for a spanking i could give you one now at your age and help you behave

Maybe join the reserve forces.......should help you.

What do you intend to do about it?

Let me just get my riding crop and help you out. ;)

Oh... not THAT discipline? Sorry.

Then you're in the right place.

many of us can use that kind of discipline!