My Preferences

I am a genetically suffering Anglo Saxon. Coming from colonial Australia I bear a British lineage, hence my burden contains, like the contents of **** Darby's pack, pink purulent white freckled skin and red hair (well it's rapidly turning white now).

Humping that lot on one's back makes it effortless to admire ethnic beauty of the kind that bears dark smooth unblemished skin and a much lower rate of skin cancers and flaking faults than my lot are lumped with.

Probably my favourite ethnic colourings are the dark brown skins of the mainstream type folks who hail from locales such as Burma or parts of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Indonesia too. Many Polynesians also have marvellous skin.

And then there's radiant black: Africans, Indians, et al.

i personally like their shiny black hair as well, but that's a matter of preference. Many a girlfriend told me while young that my wavy copper curls were delightful and gorgeous. So you can't please everybody with your colour choices.

Nevertheless, my preferences remain my preferences.
61-65, M
Sep 16, 2012