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Nightmare On Em's Street- Thanksgiving '08

Late Thursday evening I was arousing from a glorious afternoon nap, that I achieved while the rest of my clan was off visiting other family members. I stretched slowly, like a contented, lazy feline, having been twice-stuffed from our earlier turkey dinner. I enhaled deeply, and started to snuggle more deeply under the cozy blankets for a few minutes longer.

Suddenly, I stopped in mid-sniff and coughed. WHat was that acrid, toxic smell invading my nose and even taste buds?! I sat up slowly, blinking. WHat is that ghostly whisking fog, growing more dense by the minute, doing in my room?!

I sprang out of bed, and went to my doorway. *Cough* It's not fog, Emmie! It's SMOKE! My mind hit a spin and then... went DULL! I calmly went over to the dresser and grabbed my glasses, and slid my feet into my black slippers. The next thing I did was COMPLETELY out of character! With deliberate care, I picked up my hoop earrings, I had been wearing earlier, and fastened them back in my ears! lol. I've heard smoke inhalation can cause one to do odd things, but THIS was insane! 

Suddenly my body and mind sprang into action! I searched room to room for the source of smoke. I coughed, gagged, and opened a few windows along my passing. Nothing was on fire IN the house. That's when I remembered our only constant fire source--- the outdoor wood stove that heated our home from ducts underneath. I ran outside to our attatched carport where the stove sits, and found bright flames licking up the back wall.

I ran to the neighbors' house. A man and his teen grandson helped me unravel our water hose and bring it near the flames. Then I STOPPED the guys! I told them about the live electrical socket, plug extension, and wires that ran from the stove blower to our house wall. The man threw down the hose and hollered at his wife, " Call the Fire Department! Now!"

Here's where the Kudos go out to the guys and 2 gals in yellow! In less than 5 minutes these folks came, sirens blaring and lights flashing, to the rescue! Ok, there WAS a little over-kill with the two fire trucks, two spotter trucks, and an EMS backed into the neighbors'. But these folks had heart, dern it! lol

They shut off our electricity, turned off the gas because it was near the fire hazzard, and put the blaze out within minutes! The fire had started by our electrical blower freezing up, then burning the box around it, and was working its way up the house wall.

I stayed out of the way and on the sidewalk during most of this ordeal. I talked to my cousin, who'd shown up after hearing the fire call over a scanner! She commented on the thick smoke bellowing noticeably through the livingroom window. "Yeah, I woke up in that," I told her. One of the passing firemen heard my comment, glanced at the smoke, and stared at me. "Ma'am, do you need medical attention?" He asked. "HUH?" Was all my verbal skills allowed. " I mean, do you need oxygen or a breathing treatment?" I refused, and convenced him I was fine with an off-handed joke. ( he would've demanded it, if he'd known about me stopping for the earrings! lol)

The next 30 minutes were spent de-smoking my house with a power generated blower. IMPRESSIVE tool, I tell you! By the time the blower was done, and the firemen packed up, only watery ashes and my self-induced insomnia were left to remind me of this unforgetable Thanksgiving night!

And speaking of Thanks.... THANK YOU, kindly neighbors! And THANK YOU hometown volunteer fire department! 

OH!... And even THANKS to my 1 a.m. paranoia/insomnia that night for continuously "smelling smoke", which sent me on a wild goose chase UNDER the house! (don't ask!) No fire, but I found the pipe leak that has caused our mysterious water bill increase for the past two months! Will wonders never cease??? 

emerald emerald 36-40, F 16 Responses Dec 1, 2008

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I agree grab the hoops.<br />
<br />
I must say I love your hillbilly flashlight..hehehe

BUt darling L., even in the face of destruction one can look their very best, eh??? ;)

Wow Em, fashion is very important but your house is on fire......<br />
<br />
<br />
LNG is very glad that you are ok.

LOL, Mello... I couldn't find one! :O <br />
Glad I didn't discover a GAS leak under the house! :O...<br />
........... K A B O O M !!!!!!!........

Yes, BP.... "Someone" certainly looked over me/us this time! <br />
*Groans*.... I'll NEVER get to live the earring incident down! Loyd's having great pleasure relating the story whenever someone asks how our Thanksgiving weekend went! :O

Gave me heart palpitations when your little sister came and told me about it.I know I've joked about you having smoke between your ears, but the stunt with the earrings kinda proves it, Em.

I kept smelling the smoke in the vents. Our duct work IS NOT metal. I had a sudden paranoia that some loose embers had made there way into the duct work and were smoldering under the house! Thus.... my 1 a.m. venture UNDER the house! lol. Good thing the leak was close to the entry door! I was using a LIGHTER to show me around! lol. Stupid thing kept blowing out! :)

Thanks, IT! :) <br />
Mello, got the leak fixed YESTERDAY! lol And the spiders... are in the ATTIC!... yep, found those, too!! :O

OH!!!!! Silly Me! ;) Shall I report a "fire in need of putting out", down your way?? OMG, I almost said: Down South! rofl! Whoo Hoo, that'da sent out the sirens and Red Light Specials! :P<br />
THink we could get them to twirl around a pole, and ***** to...FIRE!" (the song) Dunt, dunt, dunt! FIRE! Dunt, dunt, dunt! <br />
Geesh, it's that smoke inhalation again! :O Even got me breathin heavy and sweatin! :O

<br />
uuhhh *nudges Em* remember you gotta friend over here... hint hint A LONELY FRIEND!

I scolded you outta LUV!!! :)<br />
WOW, WHAT was I NOT thinking.... phone numbers!! :O rofl! If it's any consolation, one of the firemen that came over to talk to me until he had to look busy... was a guy that's asked me out a few times in the past! ;) Yeah, SMALL TOWN... what can I say.

You get all the fun... ggeezz! All those fire fighters there and not one phone number? Come on Em, have I not taught you ANYTHING?!? <br />
<br />
I too am glad you are okay... even if you did just scold me... <br />
<br />
luv ya

LOL, PEace.... yeah, I STILL think about those dern hoops, and the precious seconds of air it cost me! :O <br />
YOu are SOOO right about those Holiday Lights! <br />
I would also like to stress here folks.... SMOKE DETECTORS or CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS! I don't have the first, but the later had JUST run down from batteries a few weeks ago. For SURE... LESSON LEARNED!

Ems is glad, tooo, DHG! lol. And for the next few days if I say something TOTALLY off the wall, I'm gonna take advantage and blame it on the SMOKE! ;)

I am so thankful you are not injured.<br />
Sounds like the fire dept did a GREAT job at your place.<br />
<br />
This made me laugh out loud:<br />
"I picked up my hoop earrings, I had been wearing earlier, and fastened them back in my ears!"<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing this story,maybe it will help everybody here stay aware of fire safety during the holiday season.<br />
<br />
The lights people put on trees can be dangerous...<br />

there's a reason for everything, i'm glad em is back with us here on EP!!!!