The Ugly Duckling

This story has been going on and on in my head for the entire week now and so I figure it's time I just share the story here.

I was told as a kid that I was ugly. My peers used to make fun of me because my skin was too dark, my lips too big, my eyes too big and I had a lot of mosquito bite bumps on me. So, getting by on my looks just wasn't an option to. Looking back, that's not really a bad thing because it helped me develop so many other attributes. I am very smart, hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic, athletic, friendly, charming, caring, willing to learn from my mistakes and admit when I was wrong and I am kind-hearted and very in touch with my spirit. I am also good at seeing where another person is coming from. Because of this, my confidence and strength comes from the inside and has little to do with the outside world. My teachers, friends, and others would comment on it too saying, "You're so nice!" or "You're such a hard worker" or "You're so positive!".

Somehow, as I got older, people began to compliment me for my physical attributes as well. They'd say to my mom, "Your daughter is gorgeous!" and my peers would say, "You have a great body!", or "I love your eye brows!" or "You have great legs!" I still don't really recognize these qualities. But this is why I remember the story of the ugly duckling. It didn't even realize when it turned into a swan.

Anyways, my point is, my past helped me develop something that's so much more meaningful than external attractiveness. it helped me become much more refined. Kind of like gold in a fire. My inner beauty shines so much and it gives me something to fall back on. Looks can fade! But the beauty that comes from inside of me is lasting and provides a sturdy foundation for me to build on.
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10 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Aww you are a beautiful soul.I love your personal journey. It's had to see ourselves and the changes we go through. I was over weight and felt ugly for a long time when I was younger. Now at dance class my dance mates tell me "you're so tiny!" I dont see it. I dont think I ever will. But yes our personal struggles have helped to build character. Now if I could just change this body image issue in my head..... humph... only time can heal.

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hello, every one, i'm Thai, so i apologize for my poor english. well, really thanks to your sharing, i read it and feel stronger. someday, i shall find out my inner power like you. you are wonderful. now, i'm fighting against my Bad things, i want to turn back the time, and change what i've done. there is life. there is hope.

Hey, you actually do have good English. Just capitalize your letter "i" when you're talking about yourself (I know, some languages don't, but English is just weird), and it will be absolutely perfect :)

i really admire how you built a resorvior of inner strength, which could go greater by age, unlike physical beauty

Thank you for choosing to be who you are rather than to let the outside world define you. I admire your courage, honesty, and sincerity.

Good for you for choosing to let the unfair criticism refine you rather than beat you down. It is testament to your inner strength and beauty that shined out and made you the swan you are today. I've often heard that you can't choose your circumstances but you can choose how you resond and you responded very well. <br />

You're my favourite fountain!

Love this story. I too was a lonely, criticised "ugly" kid and didnt all the other just let me know it, all the time and every day. I was small and skinny with a long neck and big ears. Kids called me wingnut or Alfred E Neuman (but if you are under 50 you may not remember him, from Mad Magazine) and, because we moved house every two or three years I never really made any friends. Then, one day I just started to grow. I joined the army. I went to war. In time I received several promotions and I ended my days as Chief Military Instructor. I may not be quite the ugly duckling turned into a swan, but I come pretty close. By the way, big eyes on a woman are beautiful!

Nice post, favorite. I admire how you didn't let others knock you down and grow from experience to become better person. I like your ethics for living and caring for other people.

You are right. I bet your a lot of fun too.