I Am Attracted By Inner Beauty

Of all the vices that afflict us as human beings, one that I detest greatly is vanity. 

That is not to say that I do not appreciate the beauty of the human form.  I do.  But physical beauty is not enough to attract me.  In fact, I have been determined over the years to pay no heed to it at all.  Actually, I have found among my friends that often it is the physically beautiful ones who are the loneliest.

It is also not to say that I do not appreciate the value of presentation.  I do.  Care in one's presentation is an expression of self esteem and courtesy towards others.

But ultimately, it is what comes from within that really matters.  I know many good looking, well dressed people who are ugly characters.  And I know homely looking people who cover themselves with any old thing because they are so completely unselfconscious. 

When I get to know someone, I try to get a picture of their character.  And whenever I see a beautiful looking person, I put that to one side and suspend my judgement.

It is inner beauty that attracts me.  To be specific, I look for charity when speaking about others, kindness and consideration.  I look for lack of preoccupation with oneself, an attitude of outward concern.  I look for love of nature, plants, animals, the beach, the sky, sunrises and sunsets, the stars at night.  I look for humility, the simple willingness to share oneself and one's concerns, the honest appraisal of one's struggles.   
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Couldn't agree more! You're one of the most beautiful, kindest and generous souls I know, and I feel extremely blessed to have you as my sister. :)

Aww sis - that's the way I feel about you, too!

When one is with humility the door to the divine is opened

Me too. I really don't notice outer appearance. When I meet with someone and we talk, is when the inner spirit shows it's light. It's in the conversation and the eyes that you can see the victories they have overcome. It is amazing how many hurt people come out shining. I love inner beauty too. What I have found out, with the partners I have had, is that everything about their outer appearance becomes ever so beautiful to me. And when I looked at them, I smiled because of the beauty I saw in them.

Thank you for reading this story and sharing your own beautiful reflections, phoebe55. I imagine you to be an excellent judge of character, as well as someone who needs and notices qualities of grace. To be able to appreciate the beauty in each person is a great grace. Thank you for your comment.

Excellent thoughts written here! I believe we were also sent here within this sinful world to remind mankind that our physically vain appearances and the material world are extremely superficial if your soul and heart is not pure with charitable love and compassion for others. It's about what we are on the inside, not what we wear on the outside that looks more beautiful beneath the veil of physical illusion. Which is why Jesus had such an issue with The Pharisees and their religious righteousness. Matthew 23:27 explains it very well.

(Matthew 23:27) 27 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.

Excellent quote, Lushiro, to support the excellent doctrine of the kingdom being within us. Only love unites us to God. When the hour of death comes, we will see ourselves as we truly are, not as the world sees us. I think you are the very embodiment of the importance of this teaching. Thank you for reading this story and sharing your contemplative thoughts on the subject.

Thank you for reading this story and for your supportive comment. The development of virtue is the all important thing and somehow interior goodness has a way of rendering the physical form beautiful too.

That is a beautiful post....I think that more people would be happier if they would work on their inner appearance then their outer.......because really you can't see beauty unless your feel it on the inside.

Thank you so much for your comment, aroundhere. One thing I have learnt about outer beauty is that we are far more conscious of what we think ours is or isn't than what other people are. People with beautiful hearts are attracted by beautiful hearts. This was brought home to me when I read a biography about C.K. Chesterton, one of my very favourite writers. In the biography was a photo of Chesterton, who was a short, tubby man, and a sketch of how he wished he looked. It really was funny, because Chesterton is so thoroughly lovely that he could not do anything to his appearance to improve his appeal. And yet he had sketched a lean, tall, dark character that did not fit his beautiful character at all.