I supprise myself at times because a friend will ask if I noticed a haircut, weight gain or loss, etc and I have no idea what they are talking about.I know people by whats inside. Race, sex, appearance have never mattered to me. If more people would see others the way I do maybe there would be much less hate and racism and prividgled people in the world/
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I do absolutely agree! I only claim to be me, neither male nor female just me! I do not judge others though I am often judged but I am a strong enough me to shrug the negatives off! Love and hugs

If more people thought like you there'd be less crime.

AWWWWW Im on 8 web sites and am always told stuff.....but if they would just read my profile and who it is that I am realy looking for...OMG they would be amazed and how unimportant visual concepts are to a woman who longs to be thought well of or loved unconditionally or held just for the thought of being held for the moment or how ever long it lasts......Im a true romantic and always will be for what ever web site I am on..Fetlife OKCupid, Evow, Eharmony.etc etc<br />
I will always feel that way...I hold no prejudices for anyone...I am comfortable with everyone..

Very true words indeed, I do notice the little things but don`t get caught up in it. I always look for the goodness and beauty within a person.

I think what you say has real merrit.. My question is... Do you admire your inner beauty?