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Looks Not Important ....

I have never gone for looks above personality,if someone makes me laugh then they are far more attractive to me ...i've found with good looks comes a certain arrogance in men that they are either full of themselves or in need of being told constantly how gorgeous they are ..and altho its nice to have someone nice to look at ,whats inside goes far beyond that ......
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Wow, i like this post :) i really agree with you! id rather go for personalty, looks never last. :) haha, Someone who can make us giggle ect are kind :) tis all good! x

I agree and I find the same with woman! True attractive is really on the inside. For in the end the outside will fade in the dark from within. And what is on the outside will shine from the light from within!

In all that I learned as a AU (Alopecia Universalis) victim. Looks are what most narrow minded people go for when seeking relationships or anything of that sort. But there are some who can see past that for the human being behind the 'mask'. Wish others could learn that we embody a greatness when we gaze past illusions of our conceptions.

Exactly! Thank you for sharing. :)

Beauty attracts me, but if it is only skin deep, I don't hang around

You seem pretty inside-ful to me~!

Yes, I have not found really attractive men to have any substance. I am attracted to a person's soul and their words....Forever man has wonderful words that sing always and his soul is exquisite...I have dated a man who resembled a Greek god. He was a complete idiot. And another who always chased me. He was handsome, but, after he opened his mouth to talk, what an incredible letdown. Perhaps that is the price they pay for their outward beauty. And one of my former friends here? Too handsome. Treated a mutual friend like dog crap under his shoes. So, needless to say, he is no longer our friend. A person's true spirit shines through in their eyes, their smile, the way they treat you, the way they care when you cry or are sad, and in the way they touch you....I miss Forever man so much. This distance is not kind to me....Thank you for reminding me of why I love him and cherish him, jazzy! kisses....Love you, too, girl!

They will....It is an everlasting love. I know this, jazzy! We are so happy...Kisses, hon, kisses!

I agree. Sadly looks can lead to arrogance, in women too, and that's very offputting :(

Looks really arnt everything !!!

Brian. I miss you too. Why have you not returned to EP? I hope that I am not the reason...You and I were so close. I miss talking to you on the phone....Please hear these words and come back. When we drove through Buffalo, I thought of you. Miss you. Love you, dearheart. xoxoxoox

Yep. From the simple observation of reality, u can see that the body is not eternal. In fact, nothing that is material lasts forever. True beauty shines in our spirit :)

Is it not possible to be good looking, intelligent, and charming? Just asking. Not that I know anyone like that.

For instance, you're the total package.

Forever man says that about me...That I am the total package. I guess I know now what he means, Pent!

i need to be where you are, cuz i can only find shallow girls around here haha. well, not exactly, but all the nice ones are taken already, by ******** mostly, but not always

I value personality over looks. <br />
I have to say though, that it is nice when a guy is really handsome and has no idea about it (it's kind of rare though). I find that really cute. :D

i absolutely agree. the outer beauty means nothing if the inner beauty is ugly.

I dont think looks are really important as I find women can be amazingly beautiful and sexy in many different ways. I know some guys are really too choosy because maybe they think they are good looking themselves and would be too embarrased to go out with a woman that is classed as unattractive to them.

So you prefer to be with a 'nice' ugly guy? How can you do that? Eeeeeek!

I could never be turned on by an ugly guy.... I'd need Viagra or something.. hahaha.

Then in your presence I would prefer to be ugly


Well I say good look make you noticeable but good personality make you lovable

No point in being with Venus if she dose not love me.