My Inner Beauty Is Being Over Looked

The sad thing for me is this: You have to be attractive on the outside, before the opposite gender will come over to you, and want to get to know you in order to see the compassion, and beautiful substance inside you. I've always been pretty, and petite. But now, I'm 55, and gained weight. It was proven on tv. A beautiful model dropped a bannanna peel, and people raced to pick it up for her. Then she dressed up in a 300 pound body suit, and did the same thing, and every looked at her like "why are you eating that bannanna?". I know from living in both worlds, there is a prejudism out there. No one wants to approach me, because i'm not ugly, but I'm not the beautiful one I used to be in outter appearance, so the opposite gender will never know the beauty that lays inside my heart. Women are touchy feely, and men are VISUAL. I'm not bashing men, I'm only saying that a lot of men have told me they look at the inner parts, but when it comes to DATING, I haven't found that to be true in my world. I sure am being raw right now, because I've only told my closest friend what I just posted here. Rejection bites.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

I have a con fession to make when I was young I did look for looks but as got older or even ancient according to my kids its personality,that counts more rather a kind caring person then a good looker!

That is a wonderful attribute thecaretaker. I'm glad there is genuine people out there :)

I thank you so much for the validation smiley. It truley hurts to think some people have gotten so cynical. They are truly missing out on a very loyal, strong kind of love here. But they will never know because men just don't approach me anymore because I'm no longer a barbie doll.