I Was Lucky Enough To Know These People ~

I recently worked at an ALF community prep cooking ~ I met a woman my first day in orientation who made me feel like I had known her forever ~ Did you ever meet someone like that ? :) She is a brain cancer survivor ~ she works 40 hrs a week ~ volunteers in her community ~ and will sit down and have a conversation with anyone ~ anytime ~ anywhere ~ she lives everyday truly Lives ~ I sit in awe of her ~ I talk to her daily~ I met a 103 yr old woman who still takes mile long walks daily ~ she has outlived almost everyone she knows ~ all she has in the world is in her room and she is the happiest most content women ~ she told me stories of amazing things that have happened in the last 100 yrs ~ too see All that in one lifetime *
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1 Response May 7, 2012

It's always inspirational to meet someone like that. I find that when you/we/us do, it's a lesson to be learned. Yes, a lesson. What it means is; Life and everything that is part of it, is telling us something. What that something is ............should be easily understood...