There are people who strive through life with the thought they won't find that right person. there are those who feel that they aren't able to have a relationship.

Then there are those who feel they don't deserve to be happy. above all there is this stigma about men being strictley visual.

There are those such as myself that find a woman far attractive whe she uses her mind. A creative part that pretty much get her what she wants.

The idea is be yourself, don't change unless its for the best for you.
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Totally agree with you. The media today is all about image and projecting beauty in a light that is ugly and unrealistic. Beauty is in the personality of a person who shows love in all aspects of her life. Thank you for your insight again:)

two things, self entitlement issues and lack of example. eliminate these two things and you will find more like that

Beautiful sentiment!!! I have more respect for men who view women in this way......You prove there are men out there who value inner beauty above outward beauty......I have met soooo many superficial "men" in my life I would rather refer to them as boys in men's bodies......I am lucky enough now to have a few REAL men as friends and a husband who sees me as beautiful inside and out.....He values and respects me as a person , friend, mother and lover......There should be more men like you and the few others I know.....