Beautiful Hearts

Beautiful hearts truly are a gift from GOD, and from their very early stages of development I could see that GOD had truly blessed my daughters.

Their beautiful hearts are there for all to see, they don’t hide them from any one, in only their second year of school when they were only six, their lovely teacher sought me out, she said that they were both such moral little girls, and I asked what she meant, she explained that whenever one of the other children seemed to be sad or left out that they would both comfort that child and include them in their activities, I have also seen them do this often.

Another parent came up to me one day when I was at school to pick them up, she said hello, I think that they were about eight or nine at the time, and she said that she wanted to thank my daughters, and she explained that her daughter had only started at the school a few months prior, and that she had been badly bullied at her old school, and had been very sad, she said that both “A” and “B” my daughters had befriended her daughter and as she put it had taken her under their wings, and now her daughter was happy to come to school every day, and last I knew the three of them were still best friends.

I also now know another who is so special and beautiful of heart, she is my PRINCESS, and I have truly been blessed to have such beautiful hearts in my life.

GOD BLESS you my three ANGELS.
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Sep 23, 2012