Exit Point

I believe that each one of has an exit point. I came close to mine several years back but some how I missed it and I am still here to tell the story. My story is tainted because I was extremely intoxicated. But intoxication was an accident too leading to my final accident. It was my friends girlfriends birthday, so the drinks were flowing like crazy in a famous bar and a known town of Princeton in NJ.
I usually drink beer or some wine but on that fateful day, mixed drinks were being passed around like water for the thirsty in the desert. I had never had this mixed drink that was offered to me by the birthday girl. Since everyone seemed to enjoy and have good time and I seemed to like the drink too, one drink went down like as smooth as silk. But how many drinks I had after the first is anyones guess. My friend at the bar made sure that I don't drive, so he called me a cab, and made sure that the cabby took me home.
At that time I live in the town of Kingston, just a few miles north of Princeton.
I was at that time a volunteer fire fighter living with a fir fighter and first responder too. So after getting back to my house I just blacked out. After a while I was all confused about my where about's and the first thing that came to my mind was that my car was missing and I left my apartment and started walking toward Princeton.

The next thing I remember was that I was in the car and another car was tail gating me. I was on a local country road going at a slow speed, but this car was coming too close to me from the back so I speeded up, and right at that time I lost my control and crashed into a tree, instead of pulling back I accelerated further pushing more into the harms way.
I hit a tree which had taken 3 peoples live in last few months. This was not a normal exit point but rather a unique one that still exits. God only knows How many people must have lost their life at this exit point.

I was lucky as the car behind me was a local security of Princeton University who called 911 and I was rescued immediately and taken to Trenton hospital. I came out alive with a broken hip.

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1 Response Oct 31, 2012

You are lucky I could set here and write a book about a car wreak I was in that was a drinking a driving (the other car she was drinking) our car caught fire I in up with over 200 stiches in my head from a floor jack. The car blew up just sec. after they finnally got my lil girl out. yea drinking and driving does not mix.But glad you are still here Icount my blessing everyday Have had dr. tell me (lost count really) they don't know why I'm alive I should be dead. but glad your here and keep it safe.