Inner Beauty

i love it when i meet a girl, and you think.. she is very attractive..
then you get to know her and she has the most beautiful heart and soul..
her inner beauty starts to shine.. her aura is blinding you from its brightness
she looks at you in the eyes and her eyes are smiling..
you can see right through her hard exterer and see right into her soul
thats when you realise she is the most beautiful girl in the world
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What you wrote handsome was beautiful :-)

Wow....this is a great write, it came straight from the heart. I agree with in a million!

So refreshing to see things like this being said from a Man!! Not man thinking this way anymore and it's a shame there's not more like you in this world! Men like you are one in a million!! I also believe that if you carry yourself with respect and in a positive manner, you'll attract the right kind of people. Put good energy out, get good energy back from the world. :)

It's nice to see a man speak so openly and honestly. I'm sure you are not the only one who feels this way but there seem to be fewer. What you describe, to me, is one of the best parts of getting to know someone. There's the initial attraction but as you take the time, so much more is revealed and then that feeling of butterflies kicks it. Thank you for sharing!

exactly right. you got the meaning of my story 100%.. its about the process of meeting someone and getting to know them and how beautiful they become the more you get to know them..

This makes me wanna go put on makeup and stuff so a guy will think this about me

no way, the whole meaning of my story is that you don't need makeup when you have a beautiful heart and soul.. because that's when your true beauty shines :) and believe me when I say.. you don't need any make up at all..

I saw it as u must have outer beauty before ppl give ur inner beauty a chance

oh ok, ill explain what I meant by that.. when you see a guy walk past you. there is some attraction there.. it doesn't mean he is gorgeous, but there is something that you find attractive.. he comes and talks to you and as time goes on and you get to know him, you start to see what an amazing person he is on the inside.. that's when you start to think he is gorgeous on the outside because of his beautiful heart and soul..


thank you

it's funny that your name is breastlover81 though. Doesn't that clearly indicate you notice the boobs first lol?

lol I notice a lot of things.. but don't let a name fool you :)

Your name represents yourself. You wouldn't name yourself that if it isn't something that CLEARLY defines you or how you think about yourself. It is ironical hearing that someone named ," breastlover" would know anything about inner beauty. lol

yeah but have you thought that a silly name represents my humour? people get so caught up on my name, they don't take time to read my stories and see what im like. if you read all my stories you will see I do love to laugh a lot.. but I have to say.. I have been called an oxymoron before

Well, well, just maybe I had the wrong impression on you. I will read your stories. I hope you will read my blog entries and my stories too. Cheers! :)

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This is a wonderful way to see a woman. Seldom is it that a man can look past the cover toread the pages in between.

Thank you so much.

funny how mostly women reply to this story loving it.......

yeah I guess you're right..

you must be a special guy then... :)

thank you

What a beautiful story!!!!
That kind of love only grows...And as you get older and your hair starts to turn gray, that person is still as beautiful as the first day you meet em. Goes both ways !!!!!
beauty fades with age, but love only gets deeper, my late husband until the day he died told me daily I was still the most beautiful woman in the world to him...And he was always my baby.
Thank you so much for your story, that brought me a good memory of my hubby.

youre very welcome. sorry to hear about your husband.. he must of been really special

He was my life, we were together 18 years, part of those years were pure hell, but in the end we always had each other. The last few years he became the best husband in the world. That night he said to me Carolyn I love you more that anything in this world, and I told him the same. Then he said to me I wish so bad to just hold you, but I know I can't ever again. then he said I will meet you in the morning on the other side. But before morning came his heart stopped, I had to say goodbye for the last time. Now i put his pillow behind me to sleep I carry his ashes every where I go, i call his phone and talk to the machine. He died but my love didn't, most of me died with him. so love with all your heart, hold nothing back, because love is the best thing in the world!!!!

that's so sad.. im sorry for your loss.. at least you have fond memories of him that you can think back and make you smile.. :)

This is the best story I've read so far. Looks will eventually fade. I love being able to talk about anything and everything. And if you can make me laugh... you have my heart. Nice to know there are still a few good men in the world.

thank you for taking the time to read my story and commenting.. glad you like it :)

and youre right, looks will fade.. then what's left?

I love love love this!! It's equally pleasing meeting a man and knowing that there is more to him than his good looks and charm! Nothing worse than meeting that person and there insides fall flat....and don't do it for ya!

yeah that's how I feel.. doesn't matter what a female looks like, if there is no brain between her ears.. its not going to work for me. I need more depth and intelligence.

Atta boy!

That is when you know you are onto something totally special.........not many men want to take the time to see that in women.......good on you.

thank you for your kind words.. and you're right, not many people in general take the time to peel back the outer layers and see what's inside

lovely to read...thank you.. :)

thank you for taking the time to read it :)

The same can apply with men as well' that their tough guy exterior, there is a kind loving heart eager to share !

thats so true :) with the right woman, any man's hard exterior becomes non existant

So I guess you're open minded with alot of things on this topic?

open minded in what way?

In all ways! You are receptive to alot of things! Your mind isn't closed! That's all I mean!

Oh.. And I have huge breasts too! Hahaha!

oh ok, no im very open minded, my mind isnt closed :)

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It makes me so happy when men reveal feelings like this. It just goes to prove that we're all human. Men and women. The popular theory of the sexes being polar opposites is such a load of rubbish.

thank you and im glad you took the time to read my story :)

I'm glad people like you exist :)

thank you very much

Very Beautiful words :) So few look within...

Thank you so much :) glad you took the time to read my story

That sounds beautiful.

thank you..

Yes! That was wonderfully well said!

thank you

You thoughtfully expressed a wonderful sentiment

thank you very much

That's a wonderful sentiment.....If we're lucky, we get to meet many people like that in our lifetime.....

thank you very much.. and yes youre right

Just like a rose..not quite bloomed, but it's beautiful, but when it's fully bloomed more beautiful..Nice when you meet someone with visible attraction and the inside of a person is gratifying even better..Thanks for sharing..:)

great analogy :) perfect example of what i was trying to describe.. thank you for reading

aw...always a nice surprise to find someone is even more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside:)

so true.. it makes them look so much more beautiful

Aww, hope you find her!

thank you

You are so correct. The true beauty in a lady emerges. Exterior beauty may fade with time. Inner beauty usually will improve, like a fine wine, as time passes.

very true.. when outer beauty fades... what do you have left without inner beauty?

Many people do not realize that, nor wish to develop themselves. Others do not recognize inner beauty and only are interested in arm candy. Gravity will eventually affect everyone's body, yet can not affect the soul.

very true