Just Beautiful

So, I have to say I am blessed with the people in my life; especially if one considers where I met most of them. Last night I was so sad and needing human comfort and out of the blue a friend called, she lives a considerable ways a way, and asked me why I sounded so sad. Now I am usually a very upbeat person and hadnt even realized you could hear sadness in voice...anyway, I of course simply told her I was fine just a bit sad and it would pass...She assumed I was sad about not being moved home to California yet (and I let her assume that), but then she said...what you need is a sleepover and a cuddle...and it was just what I needed and told her so...my friend then drove an hour and a half just to come and talk with me, giggle with me and cuddle me...just cuddle...and miraculously I am not sad anymore, because I have friends who do things like that. I dont know what I ever did to deserve such love, but how blessed am I that I do receive it :)
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It's nice that you got friends like that. I have no one.

you could....friendship is about caring and being cared about...and two people finding a way that the other understands to show they care...do that and you will have lots of friends

Good friends are the sanity in our lives. You are blessed with a wonderful friend:)

I am and the truth is I have several friends like this....not long ago I came down very sick, unable to take time off of work and no insurance...by the end of the day I had what the hospital said I needed...nebulizer, meds for it, meds for me, etc. which enabled me to go to work and also to get better all things coming together from one friend letting others know and magically it all appeared...lol...including one friend who didnt want the plague...lol....who stood at the bottom of my steps and threw tea and honey up to me*wide warm smile*...that one lives 45 mins away....amazing for a group of women who all met in prison, all chose to do well in their lives and make healthy choices for the most and accepted and/or gave help/support from to each when needed

hugs....women tend to try to fix the world...and when in difficult situations....bond for life. Matters not where you meet:)

absolutely *wide warm smile*