The Blind Husband - And His Ugly Wife

Once a man married a woman who was very very beautiful.. He loved her very much..

A time occurred when a disease, that misshapes the body of the infected person, has spread..

One day the beautiful wife felt symptoms of the disease, and knew that she was hit by it, and lost her beauty...

But the man was outside the house and did not know what happened to his wife.. On his way home he was hit by an ascended that led to the loss of his sight and he became blind..

The man and the wife continued their life, day after day.. The wife became more and more ugly, and the man did not

know what the wife had turned into (An ugliness)..

They continued their life (40 years) with love and harmony, as if they were a newly married couple..

Until the day came when the wife died.. The husband grieved and became devastated for the loss of his beloved..

When the funeral ended, it was time for everybody to go home…

The man stood up and left place alone when suddenly somebody called for him: Where are you going?

The husband answered: I am going home

The man answered him (he was very upset): And how are you going home alone? (The man was blind and needed someone to follow him)

The husband answered: I am not blind!!.. I pretended being blind in order not harm my wife when I knew she was hit by the disease.. I was scared that she would be hurt because of her illness so I pretended blindness...

....Fourty years.. And I treated her with the same love as before she got ill..
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that's just a true love..

beautiful ❤ that's what you call true love.. beauty fades but love does not...

You have good taste. :)
Proves that love is not blind. Love sees imperfection, yet still loves.


Absolutely adorable I love it! Awesome now thats love inner beauty I would want that kind of love thank you for sharing your lovely story

I am happy u liked it :)

This is simply beautiful....

Where did this story come from?

It is from middle east