When I was in my early teens I wanted to be the prettiest girl. That's I was striving for. Pretty, flawless, but still classy. But now I'm on the peak of my teenage years, a young woman, and the wind carried me to another place. Now I wanted to be compassionate, loving, caring. I want to be a girl who uses her brain. I want to be intelligent and witty and bright. I want to radiate love and happiness. I want to be free. Looks starting to lose its value to me and I just want to be measured through my strength or not at all. Sick of the beauty standards set by the society. I want to break free from it. :)
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22-25, F
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Hey, you've already proven who you are by not following or being categorised by society which makes you well, appear like a swan or peacock beauty :) you will be fine :)

how do you do that , seriously
i hate that everyone is obsessed with looks, but honestly i want to pretty myself so bad :$

I hate it too. well it seems like you are attractive. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty. What girl doesn't want to be pretty? But as you get older you'd realize more or less that it shouldn't be your priority. :) I know I sound like a grandma but really I learned this the hard way.

thanks you :)
i guess i just have to wait until i get older and hopefully everyone Will think about looks this way

great move

Hopefully I go through that mental transition too

You will sweetie. It's not easy. But you will if you really want to. :)

Cover your hair is the new trend😊