Looking for "inspirational" quotes and things on the internet is often more depressing than one would expect, as it reveals a lot about the thought process that goes into humans. "Inner Beauty" is probably one of the worst; significant amount of the pages and quotes are tongue-in-cheek attempts at pointing out that "Inner Beauty is for ugly people". The rest just point it out without trying to. I still kinda like the sentiment expressed:

Of course, this poses a peculiar challenge for communicating, because if you tell someone they have inner beauty, in most cases you might as well be calling them ugly. Let alone sending them an inspirational like that, I mean wtf?
Another thing is "inner beauty" is much trickier term to use; first of all it assumes you know and understand the person well enough to make that call. In a couple of seconds you can usually tell if they're pleasing to the eye; to tell if they're pleasing to the mind and the soul, well that's a life-long task. Plus many deserving the compliment would not accept it, often making it sound even emptier compliment than appearance. And I'll not even start on how beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Though it's worth noting that predictably our language has limitless words for physical beauty: Pretty, cute, adorable, sexy, desirable, handsome, great figure, gorgeous to start. I prefer - or try to - use "beautiful" only when there is a deeper meanig, like "inner beauty" or "ageless beauty". It's like saying "I find everything I know about you beautiful" and getting away with it.
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You make a good point; often women are placed into two categories - good looking with a vapid personality, ugly with a beautiful soul. It's the biggest fvcking lie that I was ever taught as a child ... "don't worry Josephine child, she might be beautiful but she'll be horrid and hateful and ugly on the inside".