I think being the undesirable kid in school made me appreciate inner beauty more.

I got to see both sides of people. The ones that took time to know me or not go along with the bullying....they let me see who they are inside. I got the glimpse of caring, worry and protectors in them. Regardless of how they looked on the outside, those people will always be the most beautiful people to me.

What upsets me is when i hear comments about the women I've dated: what do I see in her? She's not even pretty. He can do much better....

I really hate that. What I see in them is what I look for in a person: a gentile soul, a caring soul, a happy person, a pisitive person.
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I'm glad there's still someone like you who isn't so judgmental!

I agree with you 100%. People place so much emphasis on beauty as if it is the basis of attraction. What is really attractive is someone who is a genuine person on the inside. People can always loose weight or even gain weight and look like what society portrays as attractive but no one can change who they are on the inside.

Very true. We've become way to shallow. What we see on TV, movies and magazines is do unreal and depressing. There is so much photo editing and filters...

Thats not beauty.

Beauty is when, after one conversation with a person, you walk away feeling better about yourself and the world in general. They make you feel at peace. Thats beautiful.

Exactly! You have a unique mindset, hold on to it :)

Kudos. Judging a book by its cover is like tasting food my looking at it.

Thats is an awesome analogy! So true.